She’s It, LLC is a Lifestyle Technology and Content Media Company whose purpose is to promote 360° Well-Being and Shape the Conversations women and girls have with themselves and others. Tam (Founder) & Carol (Co-Founder), believe that now is the time for all women to move their needle to 360° Well-Being for a HEALTHy, WELLthy Journey.

About She’s It and ELM

She’s It began on the shores of Cape May, NJ when Tam Williams, Founder, envisioned women embracing a more wholistic view of themselves instead of carrying societal burdens of shame and blame for who they are and what their bodies look like. Carol Pate, Co-Founder, arrived later to add visions of women shaping conversations in fifteen areas that matter, including health, fitness and well-being. Our mantra is Everybody is Different and Every “Body” is Different!  Tam and Carol believe that all women deserve to LIVE LIFE GRAND by taking care of themselves while being up, down and sometimes off the beaten path.  They’ve been there too!

The apostrophe in She’s It represents the ELM Leaf. Much of the inspiration for She’s It comes from this beautiful stately shade tree that has been a symbol of strength and grandeur across the globe for centuries. The ELM tree canopy is one of the grandest displays of nature’s grace in action and mirrors much of what women represent: nutritional, flexible, durable, nutritional and magical. Also known as the Goddess tree, it symbolizes relationships and communications. Its strength is incredible as witnessed by the ELM tree that survived the Oklahoma City bombing. Now known as the SURVIVOR TREE, it is a memorial that graces the site, honoring the 168 people who lost their lives.  She’s It honors the resilient and beautiful ELM as a touchstone for all we do through the practice of Engage, Learn and Motivate (ELM). This is why we say Let’s ELM!