Conversational Leadership:

How to have Conversations that Matter

“An organization’s results are determined through webs of human commitments, born in webs of human conversations.” — Fernando Flores

At She’s It we know that as women, our commitments / decisions are made through complex connections of conversations. While having external data is an important part of our process, we rely on conversations to navigate our lives. As leaders of ourselves and others, we also know that conversations that matter most may require gut-wrenching levels of foresight, courage and connections to create the changes we want for ourselves and others.

She’s It can be a powerful conversational partner to: ENGAGE, LEARN, BE MOTIVATED


Cultivate intentional conversations needed to create personal, business and social value.


Compelling principles and frameworks for understanding the practice of conversational leadership at any level:

– Personal

– Work

– Community

– World


Bring your engagement and learning to fruition through our “Shoulder-to-Shoulder” support in designing, convening, and supporting conversations that matter and linking them in disciplined ways to guide you to committed action toward the fulfillment of your goals.

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