Corporate Wellness-


Everybody is Different and Every “Body” is Different.

The She’s It Corporate Wellness Program is for all employees. HEALTHy WELLthy Journey provides a singular pathway to overall well-being. We SHOW rather than TELL you how to live a HEALTHIER You! Increase your employee engagement, learning and motivation with a wellness program that works!


My Personal Body Blueprint

Accurate, reliable body composition analysis. Key aggregator for personal wellness data. Body composition history allows progress tracking for increased engagement. This is where is all begins!

My Food / My Moves

Easily track food intake and movement. Voice activated for ease of use. Track Strength/Cardio/Stretching in my Moves. Track food groups: Grain, Fat, Carbs, Protein, etc. in Food.

My Community

Proprietary employee engagement portal. Company contests, announcements, wellness offers, etc. are found here. Engagement cycle continues here!

My Planner

Perfect adjunct to My Community. Schedule appointments, plan activities with co-workers, add plan from physician, dietician, or trainer for ease of tracking.


Reduce Costs

Increase Productivity

Decrease Absenteeism

Customized Corporate Portal

Motivate employees with an easy-to-use and integrated platform to help employees reach their wellness goals. Flexible, scalable solutions to fit your budget and improve the health of your employees. Our programs include: reports on employee participation, pre & post sales support, bulk rate pricing, and best practice for program design.

Contact us today to discuss your Corporate Wellness initiatives. We would love to partner with you.