• Tammy E. Williams, GPHR

    Tam is the Founder & President of She's It.  Tam is known for her thought leadership, straightforward advice and witty tongue but most of all she loves to help others to navigate the turns of life.  Tam's experience includes Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Coach and Facilitator but Tam says her greatest titles are wife, mom, granny, sister, aunt and friend. Get to know more about Tam by visiting

  • Carol M. Pate Ed.D

    Co-Owner and VP of She's It, LLC, Carol leads our content media strategy through the 15 Engage, Learn and Motivate conversation channels. Her passion for helping shape conversations that opens minds and hearts for those who struggle to be heard and accepted has been her life-long thread as educator, administrator and program developer in higher education and non-profit organizations. Carol is a voracious reader who turned a clothes closet into a mini library, loves to write poetry, drive sports cars, and travel with her husband John to visit family. More info on Carol....

  • Marjorie Solomon

    Director Corporate Business Development. Margye has 30+ yrs of sales & marketing experience in the WBE/MBE market.

  • Rachel Alfiero

    Editorial Assistant & Brand Ambassador. Recent graduate West Chester University. She hopes to one day be the Ira Glass of her generation.

  • Julia

    Sr. BX/CX/UX/UI Designer. Research-driven strategy & inventive design to architect user experiences.

  • Abby Mayer

    Contributing Writer

  • Bethany Kochan

    Contributing Writer

  • Bridget Marley

    Contributing Writer

  • Deiona Monroe

    Contributing Writer

  • Dorothy Sasso

    Contributing Writer

  • Jacqueline Jewell

    Contributing Writer

  • Julie Mako

    Contributing Writer

  • Lexie Corner

    Contributing Writer

  • Levita Galinksy

    Contributing Writer

  • Rachel Cavotta

    Contributing Writer

  • Tara Zimliki

    Contributing Writer

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