Women’s March is throwing a Convention

Partnering Company She's It will be there!

On October 27 – 29, 2017 the Women’s March is throwing it’s first major convention in Detroit, MI.

She’s It LLC Co-Founder and Vice President, Dr. Carol Pate, will represent She’s it at the first ever Women’s March convention in Detroit next week.  She’s It is an official partner of the Women’s March.

Women’s March is throwing a Convention and She’s It will be there

According to a PBS article from September 17, “The convention is the latest high-profile effort to maintain the grassroots energy from the January march, which was likely the largest single-day protest in U.S. history.”  Organizers had predicted that attendance at the convention would be close to 5,000 and according to figures released in late September, registrations are on track.


She’s It Founder and President, Tam Williams was a national and state Women’s March committee member and Women’s March Diversity & Inclusion group founder.  Tam and Carol met just after the Women’s March, when Carol joined the Women’s March Diversity & Inclusion group.


Tam personally chartered 4 buses to help Philadelphia area women get to Washington D.C. the day of the march when transportation options were running low.  She also arranged for travel scholarships for 15 under-served women unable to cover the cost of the trip themselves.


Tam says, “We were in Washington D.C. in January and we will be in Detroit in October.”
She’s It will be providing information about the Women’s Convention during and after the event. Stay tuned!