Venus of Lespugue Pendant


Venus of Lespugue Pendant!

Beautiful Lespugue pendant commissioned by She's It for the Women's March on Washington. 100% of the profit from this pendant will be donated for bus seats to the Women's March on Washington to ensure representation by ALL women.  Pendant is available through January 21, 2017.

Material is raw bronze or hi-definition acrylate.

*Shipping in 7 – 10 days

**Artist – Kathleen King

Lespugue pendant.

Size measurements – Cm:1.932 x / 5.542 y / 1.542 z  OR In:0.761 x / 2.182 y / 0.607 z

Material InfoRaw bronze is a high-detail metal with a deep red color similar to rose gold. It has a subtle marbling effect, and the silvery highlights give each piece their own unique character.

Material Info: High Definition Acrylate is made of a photo-reactive resin, is smooth and the color ranges from matte black to a dark grey charcoal.

Handling and care: Like all bronze, our Polished and Raw offerings will tarnish over time and may need to be polished.

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The Venus of Lespugue! Are you familiar with her?

Beautiful Lespugue pendant.

History of The Lespugue Venus

The Lespugue Venus is a figurine, a statuette of a nude female figure from the Gravettian period, dated to between 26 000 and 24 000 years ago. It was discovered in 1922 in the Rideaux cave of Lespugue (Haute-Garonne) in the foothills of the Pyrenees by René de Saint-Périer (1877-1950). Approximately 6 inches (150 mm) tall, it is carved from tusk ivory, and was damaged during excavation.

Of all the steatopygous (large posterior) Venus figurines discovered from the upper Paleolithic, the Venus of Lespugue, if the reconstruction is sound, appears to display the most exaggerated female secondary sexual characteristics, especially the extremely large, pendulous breasts.

According to textile expert Elizabeth Wayland Barber, the statue displays the earliest representation found of spun thread, as the carving shows a skirt hanging from below the hips, made of twisted fibres, frayed at the end. The Venus of Lespugue resides in France, at the Musée de l’Homme.

Text above adapted from Wikipedia

*Shipping in 10 days

**See related article.

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