No one can empower you. You must reach within to empower yourself in whatever you want to do that is important to YOU! Our goal is to bring forth an experience to help you…..

  • To live a HEALTHy WELLthy lifestyle.
  • To Engage, Learn & be Motivated.
  • To Live Your Life Grand.

She’s It solutions are developed to help you Engage, Learn & be Motivated to Live Your Life GRAND! Through our online series, webinars, coaching, challenges, contest and more, our experts and contributors bring fun and learning that can be used immediately, shared and help to shape your conversation.

Learn & Grow with She’s It

We provide training that is threaded through each of our 15 ELM topics.  We design and create training that opens doorways into what matters to women in the 21st Century around 360° Well-Being. Our sessions encourage the participants to reflect on their learning journey and to what extent they might need to increase their knowledge and experience about themselves, their family, their careers, communities or the larger world.

We do more than just inform or entertain – we provide an EXPERIENCE! Our programs are the interlocking ties between who we are on the inside and the demands of the society we live in. We know that it’s the tug and pull of these energies that create obstacles to living a Healthy Wellthy Journey. Our training is available in-person or online.

She’s It Corporate ServicesData That Matters

She’s It takes corporate wellness to the next level with onsite body composition analysis. SheAPP completes the circle to evaluate and increase engagement beyond fitness challenges. That’s what makes She’s It and our signature product, SheAPP, different. We believe Everybody is Different and Every “BODY” is Different. We provide a singular pathway to 360°well-being. We show rather than tell you, how to live a HEALTHIER YOU! My Body. My Data. My Life!

Our Corporate Wellness Solutions are tiered for Small, Mid-Sized and Large Businesses.

Allow She’s It to partner with your company and find out how easy it is to create and deploy a unique 360° Wellness Program.  This is not a one-sized solution!


  • No wearable investment needed, only a mobile phone
  • Administrator portal and dashboard with powerful metrics
  • Easily track employee engagement
  • Access progress toward team or company goals
  • Customized challenges for employees to compete as teams or individuals
  • Send messages through the portal to participating employees
  • Quarterly business reports for overviews and ROI

For more information contact our Director Business Development, Marjorie Solomon, or visit our Contact Us page.

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