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We welcome contributors who are currently working within or have experience to provide relevant content in one or more of our 15 ELM (Engage, Learn and Motivate) Conversation Channels.  ELM Conversations are doorways into what matters to women in the 21st century. As conversations, each ELM conversation does more than just inform or entertain; it is an interlocking tie between who we are on the inside and the demands of the society we live in. It’s the tug and pull of these energies that makes our lives a journey.  Below are the invitations for each of the 15 ELM Conversations.


Aging:                  A She’s It woman embraces her life journey
Eating:                 A She’s It woman doesn’t believe in the diet craze.
Education:           A She’s It woman always desires to learn more.
Family:                A She’s It woman knows that family is more than blood.
Fitness:               A She’s It woman strives to strengthen her body.
Happiness:         A She’s It woman feels joy within herself.
Health:               A She’s It woman tunes her body inside and out.
Human Rights:   A She’s It woman fights to improve others’ lives.
Inspiration:         A She’s It woman believes in dreams.
Kindness:           A She’s It woman has concern about others.
Pay It Forward:   A She’s It woman gives back to her community.
Relationships:     A She’s It woman knows the power of connections.
Spirituality:         A She’s It woman believes there is divine power.
Work:                A She’s It woman pushes the boundaries in the workplace.
Well-Being:  An Invitation to Your Whole of Living







If you have a post or article that meets the guidelines above, zip the article and images files and email them to carol@shesit.com Usually within 2 business days you will receive confirmation if we will accept the guest post or not.